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Be Temperamental!

Recognize your temperament!

How rarely do we have a day when most everything goes according to plan?
Not too often?
What about those days when you’re happy when ONE thing goes right?

As a writer, moods affect not only the quality, but the moods of our created characters. When you’re having a crap day, your characters tend to take on your personality. Conversely, when you’re having a perfect day, it becomes almost impossible to fall into your antagonist’s mindset!

One of the reasons I work on multiple manuscripts at the same time, is to use those moods transitions. The hardest part is admitting to yourself that you’re in a funk, or that you’d rather be out in the sun with a cold glass of tea.
Learn to harness your inner strengths, recognize your current chemistries, and use them.

Try this little trick on for size for one week and watch your bad guys reek with antagonism, and your protagonists shine with witty sarcasm!

Write on!


David Pyle



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