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Writers Block

How to Control or Eliminate Blockage!

As I explained in a previous post, I really haven’t experienced a lot of classic writers block.  But I have mulled this over and there may be a reason for this anomaly.

I call it Exposure.

Here’s the kick, at least for me…

I read continuously, I watch movies, and yes, many of them are horror and suspense related.  Most of it is fiction, but it’s something that I can read/watch and completely detach from my (f)actual daily life.  I like to think that escaping from drudge and the mundane is the reason people read in the first place.

On the flipside… news, perceived as fact, connects to our psyche.
It produces the what-if scenarios, even if it’s just on the subconscious level.

Here’s what I do. You’ll have to make your own rules.

I turn off the news and rarely watch the mainline media’s choices as to what they consider eventful. No, I don’t live with my head in the sand. I know the state of the Nation, regularly write my representatives and senators on issues I consider important.   However, I choose my news and news resources carefully.

I limit anxiety sources – fear resources – from all the perceived “factual” outlets.
Lets face it, bad news sells, and mainstream media stays in business because of dirty laundry syndrome.  We are blasted from every corner with how the next accident will be you or a family member because of the law of percentages.
Who made this law anyway?
Another example is that person next to you with that cough that could be passing on the swine flu. Make sure you use the hand sanitizer (one that I actually believe in), but not for the same reasons as it’s being marketed.
If you have persistent fears, use them and write them out of your life. Treat it as one of your muse instincts.

I can hear you saying, “What does this have to do with writers block?”

Fear will constrict your mind like a serpent crushing a bird.

Shore up your levee’s!

You will have to make your own list of helps, but here’s mine:

  • I flood my mind with possibilities,
  • Train my mind to remember mundane details,
  • Train my mind to ignore random fear.  I call this- “Other Peoples Fear.”
  • I Protect the Zone
  • I carry a notepad from time to time to record unusual or interesting things or people. Not like some Columbo detective character, but if you can use it or adapt it, then record it.
  • I regularly add new words to my vocabulary. When I get lazy with this, I procure a word of the week.

Choose to keep your mind active and not just go through the motions every day.

  • And finally, choose associations carefully. Make sure that most of your relationships aren’t “sticky” ones. Clingy relationships that drain your time and energy emotionally will captivate your creativity. Seek peace and pursue it.

Your mind is your tool, sharpen it regularly.

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