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  Title  Author  ISBN
100 Wicked Little Witch Stories Weinberg, Greenberg 1566197627
11/22/63 S. King  
77 Shadow Street Koontz  
A Thin Dark Line Tami Hoag 0553571885
A War of Witches Knab 0062512641
Accordion Crimes E. Annie Proulx (Language)
Angels & Demons Brown 0743486226
Bag of Bones S. King 0684853507
Between Life and Death Pyle 1608362442
Black Creek Crossing J. Saul 0345433327
Black House S. King 0375431519
Blaze Bachman – King 141655484x
Blood and Gold A. Rice 0679454497
Blood Noir Laurell K. Hamilton 9780425222195
Bone Walker Gear 0312877420
Breaking Dawn Meyer 9780316067928
Brimstone Preston & Child 0446612758
Brother Odd Koontz 0553804804
Cell S. King 0743292332
Critical Judgment M. Palmer 0553100742
Cross Bones K. Reichs 0743233484
Crossing Over Edward 1588720020
Dance of Death Preston & Child 0446576972
Dark Debts K. Hall 0679451463
Dark Rivers of the Heart Koontz 0679425241
Darkness Exposed Terri Reid E-Book
Day of the Dead J. Jance 0688138233
Dead I. Johansen 0553756508
Dead Witch Walking Kim Harrison  
Desperation S. King 0670868361
Dolores Claiborne S. King 0670844527
Dracula Bram Stoker  
Duma Key S. King 1416552510
Easy Prey Sanford 39914613x
Eclipse Meyer 0316160202
Eragon Paolini 0375826688
Everything’s Eventual S. King 0743235150
Executive Orders T. Clancey 0399142185
Fear Nothing Koontz 9780553579758
Final Call Terri Reid E-Book
For a Few Demons More Kim Harrison 9780060788384
Forever Odd Koontz 0553804162
Fortune’s Rocks Aniti Shreve 0316781010
Gerald’s Game S. King 0670846503
Ghost Ramsland 0312983735
Gliders Domino E-Book (Young Readers)
Good Tidings Terri Reid E-Book
Grave Secrets K. Reichs 0684859734
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Rowling 0439064864
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Rowling 0545010225
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Rowling 0439139597
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Rowling 0439784549
Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix Rowling 043935806x
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Rowling 0439136350
Hoodoo Money Pennington 9781933157245
Hostile Witness Rebecca Forster E-Book
Ice Cold Tess Gerritsen 9780345515483
Idlewild Sagan 0399150978
Imajica Clive Barker 0061053716
Insomnia S. King 0670855030
Intensity Koontz 067942525x
Irish Tales of Terror Bradbury, Haining 0517122456
Jolie Blon’s Bounce Burke 0752851225
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Clarke 1582346038
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell Clarke 1582344167
Just After Sunset S. King 1416584080
Langenscheidt   0887292194
Lasher A. Rice 0345397819
Lisey’s Story S. King 0743289412
Loose Ends Terri Reid E-Book
Miracle Cure M. Palmer 055310523x
Monster Peretti 084991180x
Never Forgotten Terri Reid E-Book
New Moon Meyer 0316024961
Nightshade J. Saul 0345433297
Obsessed Ted Dekker 1595540784
October Dreams Morrish 0451458958
Odd Hours Koontz 9780553807059
Odd Thomas Koontz 0739301764
Odd Thomas Koontz 0553802496
One Door Away from Heaven Koontz 0553801376
Operation Red Jerico J. Mowell 9780763634759
Operation Typhoon Shore J. Mowell 0763631221
Outsiders: 22 All-New Stories From the Edge Holder 0451460448
Phantom Prey Sanford 9780399155000
Rainbow Six T. Clancey 0399143904
Relentless Koontz 9780007267590
Reliquary Preston & Child 0312860951
Remote Viewing Rifat 1901250962
Romancing the Ordinary Breathnach 0743218779
Rose Madder S. King 0670858692
Saving Faith D. Baldacci 0446525774
Second Sight Orloff 0446673358
Servant of the Bones A. Rice 0345389417
Shadowmancer Taylor 0399242562
Shut up & Sing Ingraham 0895261014
Silent Treatment M. Palmer 0553095161
Single and Single Carre 0684859262
Skeleton Crew S. King 0451168615
Skin Trade Laurell K. Hamilton 9780425227725
Song of Susannah S. King 1880418592
Soul Catcher Alex Kava 1551669285
Speaks the Nightbird McCammon 1880216620
Still Life with Crows Preston & Child 0446531421
Taltos A. Rice 0345404319
Tangled Web R. Power 078972443X
Terminal Freeze Lincoln Child 9780385515511
The Big Bad Wolf J. Patterson 0316602906
The Book of Shadows Reese 0066210151
The Book of Spirits Reese 006056105x
The Book of the Dead Cornwell 9780399153938
The Book of the Dead Preston & Child 0446576980
The Bureau Kessler 0312304021
The Cabinet of Curiosities Preston & Child 0446530220
The Client Grisham 038542471x
The Codex D. Preston 0765307006
The Count of Monte Cristo Dumas 068121855x
The Dark Tower S. King 1880418622
The Darkening McGrew 0553586033
The Darkest Part of the Woods Campbell 0765307669
The Drawing of the Three S. King 0670032557
The Dwelling Moloney 0743456629
The Edge Effect Braverman 1402712057
The Eyes of the Dragon S. King 0451166582
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest Stieg Larsson  
The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon S. King 0684867621
The Girl Who Played with Fire Stieg Larsson 9780307949509
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Stieg Larsson 9780307454546
The Good Guy Koontz 9780553804812
The Gunslinger S. King 0670032549
The Harlequin Laurell K. Hamilton 9780425217245
The Heartworm Richard Dohrman  
The Historian E. Kostova 0316011770
The Jester J. Patterson 1586215361
The Lost Books of Merlin Monroe 1567184715
The Modern Deer Hunter Cartier 308102703
The Monster of Florence` D. Preston 0446581194
The Music of the Spheres Redfern 0399147632
The Oath Peretti 0849938635
The Pocket Muse Wood 1582973229
The Redemption of Althalus Eddings 0345440773
The Regulators Bachman – King 0525941908
The Resort Bentley Little 0451212800
The Return Bentley Little 0451206878
The Revelation Bentley Little 0451192257
The Scary Stories Treasury Gammell 0760734186
The Secret Byrne 1582701709
The Sigma Protocol R. Ludlum 0312276885
The Talisman S. King 0375507779
The Visitation Peretti 0849911796
The Waste Lands S. King 0670032565
The Wheel of Darkness Preston & Child 9780446580298
The Wheel of Darkness Preston & Child 0446580287
The Witching Hour A. Rice 0345384466
Tick Tock Koontz 9780553582925
Truth or Dare J. Krentz 0399150730
Twilight Meyer 0316015849
Tyrannosaur Canyon D. Preston 0765311046
Uncle Tom’s Cabin Stowe 0553212184
Veil of a Thousand Tears Lustbader 0312872364
Vonda Rosegood Richard Dohrman  
Winter Moon Koontz 0553582933
Without Remorse T. Clancey 0399138250
Wizard and Glass S. King 0670032573
Wolves of the Calla S. King 1880418568
Wormwood Taylor 0399242570
Your Heart Belongs to Me Koontz 9780553807134


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