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Graveyard Feast
by David Pyle

Watching Waiting Nearing Ghost
Boring Piercing Finding Host
Ingrained Innate Lifeless Past
Slushy Slurry Sludgy Ghast

Gristle Bristle Scurry Hurry
Crunching Sliding in a Flurry
Fighting Fury Turn and Wallow
Burrow Furrow dark in Hollow

Silent Screaming Darkness Screeching
Eaten Beaten Worn Beseeching
Terror Horror Dreadful Dozing
Lifeless Listless Limp Reposing

Copious Nailing Holding Fast
Oaken Broken Dead Repast
Belly Bloating Stilling Rapt
Empty Sup is fully flapped


by David Pyle

The time has come for you to know
Whence fate has struck upon its bow.
The life you seek has wisped away
While you in drear have pined dismay.
Lovely flowers were set in bloom
Yet the hours you passed in gloom
Clear fragrance fell in midnight’s rain
Your windows shut, in hearts refrain.

Spring has come and yielded cheer
To draw all life and goodness near
Summer came with loves’ repast
To grow and give and hold friends fast
Falls harvest fully bounty blessed
Yet winters cold upon thy breast
With blinders tight upon your eyes
Never viewing azure skies

This one last chance for life thou hast
Before the last breath you must gasp.
Touch the earth below your feet
Before thy final rest shall keep.
Life’s stormy seas come into view
Before your cycle shall renew
Grasp firmly, tightly, to its helm
Lest before thy time you view its realm


by David Pyle

So steady, strong, so vigilant you move;
Unyielding waters trace your path as a groove.
The sands of the desert envy your toil;
Mans life, men’s dreams, like wild fruit you must spoil.
Though endless, vast, boundless you’re deemed,
Your strength, your work, your dream has an end…


By David Pyle

In my chair I sought reflection,
For anchored thoughts, a childs perfection.
A summer day of crisp selection,
The smell of grass and my bug collection.
I grasped at a butterfly,
though it escaped me…

A cottonwood I’d dreamed to climb,
Stood tall before my flash of time.
It’s leaves clapped brightly from breezy tide,
Yet didn’t speak of home’s dayside.
I grasped at a butterfly,
yet, it escaped me…

Voices, faces, smells and tastes,
All of which my soul did chase,
Could not provide the loving place
To lead me back, my heart encase.
I grasped at a butterfly,
it escaped me…

Through endless seas I then drifting,
Swam along while my heart lilting,
To find that solid place of standing,
T’would call me there above the swelling.
I grasped at a butterfly,
again, it escaped me…

In desperation of childish whim,
The brightness of my thoughts did dim.
The seat beneath me groaned in mim.
The last of my resolve did nim.
I grasped at a butterfly,
though it escaped me…

Ages passed before my rheumy look,
Sights and smells of my storybook.
Though none could save me from the hook
That pulled me back to my empty nook.
I grasped at a butterfly,
again it escaped me…

I sat back, my spirit resigned,
That from my memories I would find
The only one that spoke of home,
A silent look as cold as stone.
I grasped at a butterfly,
though it escaped me…


Emotions Hidden
By David Pyle

The noise, the clamor, the smoke and the steam.
Though raging with fury, you seldom are seen.
You whine and you whimper, you pout to yourself,
The days are too boring, the nights are long felt.
When others would love you; you hide like a gnome.
With a breath… then a sigh… it’s all over, you’re gone…

—————–All for Now——————-



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