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Helpful Books

Anti-BrainLock Resources:

Always remember, the best way outside continuing education to sharpen your Writing Skills is to Read, Read, Read!

There are a gazillion books available on explaining, exhorting, bullying you on how to write.  I’ve read reams of them and if you have too, then you know that they all eventually run together and sound like rehearsals of each other.
Use them as guidelines.
You will have your own writing style.  Period.  It just happens.
If you need inspiration, the books above are a good place to start.

Reference books:

When that other word sticks in the back of your head and access has been denied.

These two are must have reference material (or choose your own) for those times when you experience brain lock and can’t remember to use:
who / whom  –  its / it’s  –  their / they’re / there

If you’re not an English Lit Major – get to know these intimately or  please, for the rest of us, hire a good editor…  nuf said.

Last but not least, five more needful items for your Fiction Writers Library:


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