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Between Life and Death Trilogy

Build your Characters around their potentials.
Watch them come alive!

See Characters come alive in the
Trilogy of Between Life and Death.



Caged Minds Review

Disappearing Reviews on Amazon

Anyone that aspires to become a well read author hopes for those few precious reviews from avid readers and those from professional communities.

Here is the most recent review of
Caged Minds by Char White.

Five people, all trapped in a five-star hotel
doing the bidding of an anonymous host.
Threats of blackmail, physical harm to family
and promises of success keep these five
participating in a deadly game.

Writing Horror

  • It’s not romance
  • It’s not travel
  • It’s not history
  • It’s not art

Your novel can incorporate all of these, and more, but if you’re writing a
beautiful story, then it’s not Horror!
Focus on your subject and become a detective, hot on the trail of your next scene!

Keep going until it’s complete and it’s totally yours.



If the story is worth telling it is worth giving every ounce of your wit and strength to make it great!



Fictitious Authentication

  Research into physical areas of your story is the next best thing to
“writing what you know”.

Maybe you live in the vicinity of your fictitious tale, maybe you vacationed in the area, maybe you simply want to incorporate a new landscape because it “felt” right.  The story blossomed and took you somewhere unexpected, now do your due diligence and learn as much as you can about the area, the climate, the people. 
Acclimate yourself, insert yourself, see through other’s eyes, and translate that vision into your story.




When a character begins to fade, you spent hours integrating
them into the plot, now they have served their purpose.
What next?
Do you spend hours rethinking their future role?
Or write them back into the ending?
These characters usually end up weakening the story-line, diluting
a few killer scenes, or going where they were never intended.
Sacrifice them to the Novel Gods!


Plot Death!

Don’t be ashamed.  It happens to every writer.  You chisel out that scene that was
supposed to connect with the story outline, but instead it dead ended, and you’re
left scratching your head.
Save yourself hours of loathing – Cut it Out!



Using Superstitions

Between Life and Death incorporated little known Southern Superstitions! 
What a delight
to see oddities in every day life take on lives of their own.



And the Cock Crows

Out of your most favored list of characters, one will arise!

When the Clock Ticks

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