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PenTwist   …is solely dedicated to helping aspiring writers of all things literate.

  • Despite the few menus of my personal releases and/or soon to be released works, the main thrust of this website is to be a resource.   It is nowhere near all inclusive but does include personal hurdles and resolutions to many common problems beginners face.
  • I will do my best to share victories and almost defeats so that others won’t step in the same poo that I have from time to time.

Pitfalls are the pits…
Stepping stones keep your feet dry, but a helping hand to keep your balance is priceless…

  • So… Take a look at the  Categories on the Right  every visit as they are growing as time permits.  Let others know how you made it through a tough experience as well as dealing with false agencies, editors, etc…

Again, Welcome!

-writing mystery and macabre-
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